Friday, February 08, 2013

A final update on that Bucky Covington show in Emporia, VA...

A great vintage concert photo: thanks again to the very kind Judy Lang for this shot of  Bucky Covington on stage in West Palm Beach.

We've got one last update on the Bucky Covington acoustic concert at FO SHO (916 D West Atlantic Street in Emporia, VA) on Saturday, 2/9--the reserved seating is completely sold out!  If you're planning to go, you'l have the option of patio seating or general admission at the door; call 434 348 1057 or 1-855-MY-FOSHO for the latest news on availability.  (And have a blast!)

It's safe to move that 4/27 Cumberland MD show from yesterday's post into the "confirmed" column; Bucky mentioned it at Facebook today, and has all the details about this fun fundraiser for the Tri-State Zoological Par.  If you're local, tune your radio to WFRB Country for more info...and request Bucky's music while you're at it!  

We'll see you on Monday--until then, be sure to check out the fantastic Fran at Buckytown USA for all the latest and greatest this weekend.  Have a beautiful evening!

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