Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Three ways to give a thumbs-up to Bucky Covington's album "Good Guys"...

Thanks to for capturing this early (and rockin') live performance of "Drinkin' Side of Country" in Charlotte a while back!  Bucky Covington and his excellent band are on the road even as we speak--click here to find out when the they roll on down the highway and into your town.

As y'all know, we're pretty (okay, very) excited and pleased to finally see Bucky Covington's new album, Good Guys, available for the whole world to enjoy. (If you haven't already, please check out the long-form review we posted last month, and pack a lunch--we had a lot to say!)  Whether you've been listening to Bucky for years, or you've just heard "Drinking Side of Country", "I'll Walk" or "A Father's Love" for the first time today and wondered who that cool voice belongs to, you're probably eager to hear a lot more!  Here are a few ways to support Good Guys and keep that voice on the airwaves for the next twenty years or so...

Number One: Please request Bucky at your local country station (and/or on your favorite nationally syndicated radio show) and vote for his videos at CMT and GAC.  We'll say it again and again, because it's true--we love country radio, period.  Yes, we all do have a lot of on-demand options these days--YouTube is fantastic, of course, but there's still something romantic about hitting the open road with the radio on, serendipitously hearing something excitingly new (or comfortingly familiar) and cranking it up.
Radio days: a screenshot from Bucky's interview on Birmingham's Jox 94.5 FM.

It's also still the number one way many of us hear new country songs for the first time, get to know a new artist, or find out about upcoming shows and events.  Radio is still key, and those request lines still matter. It brings a smile to my face to hear Bucky on the radio, and I bet it brings a smile to yours, too.  Seeing Bucky's videos on the country channels' countdowns is also a major treat--and a huge way to let others who might not know him yet get to hear and see his new music.

Number Two:  Get to know Help the Good Guys.  One of the most beautiful things about country music is its strong sense of community.  Country artists are well-known for giving back, and Bucky and Help the Good Guys have teamed up to benefit hardworking firefighters, law enforcement officers and their families who face devastating injuries and loss in the line of duty.  An HTGG fundraiser is a great way to enjoy some excellent live Bucky Covington music, but it's about so much more--it's a way to say thanks to those who put themselves at risk to keep us safe every day.  (Check out Bucky's concert calendar for current and upcoming IAFF/HTGG events, and bring a friend or two along...)

Bucky Covington (left) and Rocky Covington on stage in Portales, NM--thanks again to Sue for her kindness.

Number Three:  Get yourself to a show!  Speaking of those live concerts--the very best advertisement for Bucky Covington is Bucky Covington and his band!  The fact that Bucky's repeat visits to venues so often sell out fast is one of the best indicators of just how awesome Bucky's live show is.  We'll link you once again to Bucky's tour dates--and we'll remind everyone that those who've been to one of his live shows find it quite an addictive experience.  (How many have you been to?)  Bring a friend--again--and share the fun!

We'll close tonight with our two familiar reminders:  get your copy of Good Guys now at Amazon, iTunes, the store,  Bucky's official site, or at a store near you, and vote for Bucky, Shooter Jennings and "Drinking Side of Country"  at GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown and CMT Pure's Pure 12 Pack.  Have a splendid evening!

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