Thursday, August 16, 2012

Very quick news: Bucky Covington at Cousler Park (Manchester Township, PA) on September 23rd, and a radio update...

Thanks to , Coleman Saunders,  Monarch Publicity and Kentucky Ale for this behind the scenes peek at the making of the hit Bucky Covington and Shooter Jennings "Drinking Side of Country" video.  Download it at iTunes now, and request it at your local station tonight!

Here's a fresh concert date straight from Mark Franklin's Idol Chatter blog at the York Dispatch:

The latest news involves Bucky, who’s due to release his second album on Sept. 11.

Less than two weeks later, he’ll be in Manchester Township, headlining a benefit concert at Cousler Park.
York Dispatch Reporter Greg Gross got the info last night from Manchester Township firefighter Chris Mowry, who is organizing a Sept. 23 fundraiser there.

It’s one of a number of fundraisers the township’s career firefighters are holding to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

The show will star at noon on the 23rd, and donations will be accepted for MDA.  Opening that day for Bucky are local favorites Kayla Kroh and Leah Burkey. Hope you can be there, too!

Bucky and Shooter Jennings'  music video for "Drinking Side of Country" is one of the hottest YouTube hits of the season, with two million views and counting--and it looks like the song is beginning to burn up the radio, as well.  Thunder 102 listeners in New York and Pennsylvania have voted it the "Startin' to Rumble Facebook Face Off" winner for a few nights running, and it's definitely on its way to a new song challenge at your local country station, too.  (Did we mention that those request lines are open?)

Both "Drinking Side of Country" and "I Wanna Be That Feeling" are on the ballots at CMT Pure's Pure 12 Pack and GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown now. GAC also featured Bucky and that impressive trophy in their Photos of the Week section of their website--check it out!

A reminder for those who are just joining us (welcome!): Bucky's long-awaited second album, Good Guys, is available for pre-order now at Amazon, iTunesBucky's official site (with greatl fan bundles available), and at the store, where where a Special IAFF Edition is on offer.  Bucky's album is set to drop on September 11th.  You can catch Bucky live tomorrow at the Parkersburg Homecoming Festival, and at the Coyote CountryFest in Las Vegas on August 18th.  Bookmark his official concert calendar and keep checking the sidebar at Buckytown for tour updates.  We'll be back very soon--enjoy the night!

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