Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bonus video: Bucky Covington at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway (via Fox Nashville) and a few concert reminders...

Bucky Covington and a bunch of his beautiful fans are featured in this unedited bonus news footage by Fox Nashville at YouTube.  Check out Bucky's entrance, kind words from a firefighter, and a little of the band's performance of "A Different World".  Bucky's appearance at the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway was part of a day-long fundraiser for Help the Good Guys, who assist injured firefighters and law enforcement officers and their families.  (You can pre-order a Special IAFF Edition of Bucky's September 11th album release, Good Guys, at the store now.)

Another classic concert photo:  Bucky Covington and Rocky Covington harmonize on stage in Jacksonville, FL. Thanks again to our very generous friend Diver for sharing this one!

You'll have several chances to enjoy Bucky and his band live this weekend--tonight, they're rocking the Barbour County Fair in Belington, WV; tomorrow, hear them at the Columbia County Fair in Chatham, NY, and on Sunday, September 2nd, join the party at the Route 29 Festival in Concord NC.  (More info is available at the Route 29 site, or call 1-800-514-3849.)

As always, we'll encourage you to join us on the country radio request lines, and at the video ballots, too!  Show Bucky and "Drinking Side of Country" some love at GAC's Top 20 Country CountdownCMT Pure's Pure 12 Pack and (new poll!) at CMT's Top 20 CountdownWe'll be back soon--enjoy the evening!

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