Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bucky Covington's busy week: IAFF convention, new "Drinking Side of Country" stills and a subway stop, too...

Thanks to the exceptionally talented Judy Lang for this classic shot from Bucky Covington's homecoming show in Rockingham, NC. Click here to browse upcoming concert dates at Bucky's official site.
Bucky Covington is in the middle of a very busy stretch;  in addition to the debut of his and Shooter Jennings' new video for "Drinking Side of Country" (see it at, he also performed at a private show during the 51st IAFF convention in Philadelphia yesterday.  Bucky is the official spokesperson for Help the Good Guys, an organization created to assist injured and fallen firefighters and law enforcement officers and their families. (Help the Good Guys also donates a portion of sales from Bucky's music to the good work of the IAFF Charitable Foundation; for more info and to pre-order your copy of the special IAFF edition Help The Good Guys Presents Bucky Covington CD, click here.)  Bucky was presented with a firefighter’s helmet at the FIREPAC reception yesterday evening by IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger, and you can see a photo from the presentation at Bucky's Facebook now.  Congratulations, Bucky!

Bucky Covington and Shooter Jennings on the set of the "Drinking Side of Country" video; photo by Melissa G.

As you might have guessed, Bucky and Shooter's new video (and its seductive cameo by the gorgeous Kellie Pickler) caused quite a buzz online after its debut Tuesday morning.  News about the video has been featured on Nashville Gab, Yahoo Music and Keepin' it Country among many other sites.  The single itself has also been popping up on country radio--especially in those fun "new music songfight" segments.  Be sure to keep your ears open for "Drinking Side of Country" on your local airwaves, and if your station wants to know what you think, be sure to tell 'em you love it!  Those new music challenges are fun, but they also serve an important purpose--radio stations don't know which new songs the local listeners like unless they hear it straight from us.  So tell them, follow your favorite local stations on Twitter and Facebook (a great way to get a heads-up on songfights) and share the challenges with your radio-loving friends whenever you can! 

We'll close for now with a few fun photo links you'll enjoy.  Bucky and Shooter's video was well documented in excellent stills by Miss Taken Photo, and a big Facebook album was posted yesterday--see it here.  (Look closely for shots of Bucky with his beautiful fiancee Katherine Cook and his multi-talented brother Rocky Covington--Rocky, Bucky and Ducky Medlock wrote the song.)  Bucky shared this fun photo on Twitter today, with a smile-bait caption: "Been to NY countless times, but this is the first time I've had to ride the subway... Hand sanitizer would be nice." Finally, pro photographer Terry Mercer added three terrific shots from Bucky's recent Knoxville concert to his Flickr photostream.  Happy browsing!

We'll be back tomorrow--until then feel free to join us at at GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown and  CMT Pure's Pure 12 Pack, where Bucky's summer single "I Wanna Be That Feeling" is gracing the ballots and climbing the charts.  (It's a lot of fun to have two new excellent Bucky Covington songs to enjoy--can't wait for the full Good Guys album in September.)  Have a great night!

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