Monday, May 14, 2012

Bucky Covington and the numbers game, plus a few concert reminders...

Many thanks to the mega-talented Judy Lang for sharing this great shot of Kevin Wood (left), Bucky Covington and Scott Tweten (right) from this past weekend's show in Germantown, IL.  For your next chance to enjoy Bucky and his band live, be sure to bookmark his events calendar at eOne.

If you're into numbers, today's your lucky day--Bucky Covington's lookin' good on the numerical front, with new radio stations playing his hot single, and a strong debut on the video charts, too! "I Wanna Be That Feeling" (available at iTunes) was added to six new stations' playlists, according to Country Aircheck, and the beautiful video for the song debuted at #19 on GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown and at #9 on CMT Pure's Pure 12 Pack over the weekend. We'll keep requesting, we'll keep voting, and we'll enjoy watching this one rack up some positive numbers as the week rolls on...

Another numbers game:  the CMA Fest Fan Fair Hall drawing is underway, and here's hoping your lucky number gets drawn for tickets.  Here are the details straight from CMA:

  • There are two ways you can enter - either by yourself, or with a friend! Note that if you enter with a friend and are drawn as a winner, you both will win tickets to that artist signing. 
  • The online entry process starts today with Round 1 (featuring more than 110 artists!). As more artists are confirmed, we will open Round 2 with the newly-confirmed artists. We'll alert you when the Round 2 entry form is ready. Only booths that utilize a ticket system are reflected in the drawing. 
  • MANY booths inside the Fan Fair Hall will feature autograph signings that do not require a ticket. Fans are able to simply walk up and get in line at these booths. 

Confused?  Me, too, to be honest, but if you're lucky enough to be headed out to the Fest, don't let confusion get in the way of your chance to snag your space.  Click here to enter on your own, and here to enter with a friend--good luck!  Bucky and his band will perform at the Bud Light Stage at Bridgestone Arena Plaza on Saturday, June 9th at 5pm.

Bucky's next show is bound to be a party, too--he and his band are set to play The Warehouse  (20 McClure Street in Clarksville, TN; call 931-647-ROCK for more info) at 8:00 pm this Friday, May 18th with Chelsea Bain.

Finally, if you missed Fran's awesome weekend posts at Buckytown USA, head on over there now--she's got stunning concert photos by Judy Lang and Happydays, and links to lots more good stuff.  We'll be back tomorrow--see you soon!


  1. Anonymous10:31 PM

    What happened to Ron & Don Harris from O Seven? Heard they don't manage Bucky anymore or does Mitch Cyrus work for them?

  2. Hi, Anon--sorry I missed your comment earlier. (It's been crazy here.) All I've heard so far is exactly what it sounds like you've heard--maybe some more info will hit the wires eventually. Thanks and wish I could be of more help!