Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Very quick CMA night news, and another programming note...

A Nashville memory from the very kind Happydays; Bucky Covington on stage at CRS 2008. Thanks again!

We'll keep tonight's news short and sweet, since the CMA Awards will be in progress by the time you read this:

Bucky Covington tweeted this photo of himself with new labelmate Shooter Jennings
(confession--I'm a fan and I'm pretty pleased that they're on the same label...) taken during the latter's video shoot for "Family Man" yesterday. Bucky has a cameo in the video, we hear--can't wait to see how it turns out...

Here's a funny tidbit about the shooting of Bucky's own video from Billboard Country Update (via MJ's Big Blog):

Bucky Covington, recently signed to the eOne label, shot the video for his next single, "I Wanna Be That Feeling," at the Tennessee State Prison in Nashville. The site isn’t one most people would likely pick for the clip to a love song, but Covington jokes that prison "kind of makes sense, if you think about that." While at the jail, Covington couldn’t resist the opportunity to sit in the electric chair where a long line of prisoners were executed. He escaped without incident, though the remote possibility that he could’ve been jolted with electricity could’ve made that an unwise move. "Looking back," he says, "I’m agreeing." The single ships in January.

We'll close for now with a new bulletin from in Terre Haute, IN; looks like Bucky will be taking some very special time out in the area for the Veteran's Day parade. From the newspaper: "The parade starts at 10 a.m. at Fourth and Cherry streets. Covington will be riding on a THFD fire truck, the [press] release states." Bucky is scheduled to present a check to the family of fallen Terre Haute Police Officer Brent Long after the parade; the funds were made possible from the sale of CDs published by Alabama's Randy Owen, the newspaper notes.

Last but not least, a programming note. I'll be on the road with no internet access for most of the day tomorrow (Thursday); look for an update here on Friday, or sooner if I can get settled in early enough tomorrow evening. Take care and enjoy the day, everybody!

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