Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Update: Bucky Covington's "I Wanna Be That Feeling" video is shooting today in Nashville...

(Nope, this isn't footage from today's video shoot...but it is a fun look behind the scenes at a photo shoot Bucky Covington did a while back, via his official YouTube channel. Lots of enjoyable viewing there--take a look around!)

Looks like we can all get ready for the video-voting whirl even sooner than we thought! Here's good news straight from Bucky Covington's Twitter: "Video shoot for the new single today. Shooting in Nashville." Bucky's new single, of course, is the highly catchy, radio friendly "I Wanna Be That Feeling", and if you haven't heard it yet, the studio version is streaming now at MJ's Big Blog. We're hoping stills from the video shoot pop up online soon...in the meantime, keep an eye out for your chance to hear Bucky's new song live at a concert stop near you. Enjoy the day!

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