Monday, November 14, 2011

Bucky Covington's tour rolls into winter: photos from Olney, concert dates and more...

Thanks to the very kind Buckyroo for this photo of Bucky Covington rocking the hometown crowd in Rockingham, NC. Bucky and his band return to Rockingham for a show at Suede on November 25th; click here for more details.

First things first--Bucky Covington and his band are busy making their way through the fall/winter leg of their Hometown Tour, and you'll want to be there for it all! Here's a quick look at the remaining concert dates for November:

Friday, November 18th at the Wicked Moose Bar & Grill in Rochester, MN: Tickets are available online now at Tempo Tickets. The Wicked Moose's address is 1201 Eastgate Dr. SE in Rochester [map].

Saturday, November 19 at The BARn, Platteville, WI: Tickets are on sale now at the Tri-Com Radio Shack (1527 E Business Highway 15), and at Queen B Radio (51 Means Drive in Platteville).

Friday, November 25 at Suede in Rockingham, NC: Limited tickets are available online via Suede's home page at TicketBiscuit.

Saturday, November 26 at the Beaver Bar in Murrells Inlet, SC: Tickets are available now via eTix; directions to the Beaver Bar are right here. (Thanks to the kind folks at Buckytown USA for the update.)

Speaking of Buckytown, Fran has posted some fantastic concert shots by Judy Lang that you're going to love! She's also got word on a new show for those who like to plan far ahead--looks like Bucky will be playing at the Putnam County Fair in Eleanor, WV on July 14th, 2012.

Bucky's frequent tour-mate Weston Burt just tweeted a link to these great photos from their show in Olney, IL last weekend. Many thanks to sponsoring station Freedom 92.9 for sharing them on their Facebook page, and to Mr. Burt for sharing the link.

Rocky Covington on stage at the '09 Rockingham homecoming show; thanks again to Buckyroo for this great shot.

Also via Twitter, thanks to everyone who tweeted a link to this thoughtful review of Bucky's new single, "I Wanna Be That Feeling", at (It seems to be a review of Bucky's career to date, as well, and the writer has many positive things to say...)

We'll close with a quote from Bucky himself--we linked earlier to this article by Cindy Watts at The Tennessean's Tune In Music City blog, but this bit from Bucky jumped out at us today: "The album is all but done, but I’m still writing and we’re still looking at songs and if we come across a hit we’re going to cut it," Covington says. "We’re just having fun." The article goes on to note that eOne will release Bucky's new album around Spring 2012...could it be that there are some even newer songs that will turn up in Bucky's live set and later, on his album? You'll want to go to a show and hear for yourself! Bucky's official tour schedule is here, and Buckytown has a beautiful sidebar with lots of links and concert updates. Have a wonderful evening!

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