Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The big 34 (Happy Birthday, Bucky and Rocky!) and a little update...

This beautiful card was shared by the very kind Patricia R. in honor of Bucky and Rocky's birthday--huge thanks to her!

Today's big news, of course, was the celebration of Bucky Covington and Rocky Covington's 34th birthday--we hope it was absolutely wonderful! The official American Idol site marked Bucky's big day with a look back at what he's been up to since his days on the show in '06--click here to read all about it.

The folks at Idol mentioned Bucky's next two shows, so we will, too--catch Bucky, Rocky and the band at The Holiday in Olney, IL on Friday, 11/11 (get your ticket through the Olney Events site or call 618-843-0617) and at The Pulse in Jacksonville, IL on Saturday, 11/12 (tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door; check the venue's Facebook or call 217-243-3555 for details.)

Bucky was interviewed by Rob Spangler of WGLR this morning--that show at the BARn in Platteville WI is just around the corner on 11/19, and if you missed the interview (I did...sigh), you'll be able to catch the podcast on the station's Bonus Audio page in a week or so.

Bucky Covington and fan Patricia shared a smile a while back--click the photo to find out how you can share a smile with the Covingtons, too!

Finally, a big thanks to Patricia R. for both of today's photos--she shared the splendid birthday card above, and that's her in the meet and greet photo with Bucky at the right. You, too, can meet and greet Bucky at a show--click here to join his fan club, and here to check the schedule at his official site. Bucky's concerts rock--you'll want to be there live! More very soon...

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