Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick video post: Bucky Covington's "American Friday Night" live in Monticelllo...

It's a very, very slow news day (so far), but this weekend's bound to rock! Bucky Covington and his band will be playing live at the River Room Saloon in Shelbyville, TN tomorrow night (click here for info and tickets), and here's a recent video of Bucky and his band in Monticello, NY to get the evening started right. Thanks to the very kind for sharing this awesome version of "American Friday Night"; for your chance to spend an evening of live country music with Bucky, Rocky and the whole crew, be sure to visit Bucky's official site, and join Fran and and our good friends at Buckytown USA for all this weekend's happenings. Back ASAP--take care out there!

*Also wanted to say thanks for your patience and kindness with the light posting this week--Dad's home from the hospital and he's doing very well. Y'all rock! More posting next week, I promise. Have a wonderful weekend--Winnie

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