Thursday, September 08, 2011

Reminder: Bucky Covington and band in concert at the Breathitt Heritage Fair, 10/1

Kudos to the very kind Moya for sharing this great concert photo from Bucky Covington's show in Alpena last week.

It's a slow news day, but if you're in or near Jackson, KY, you've got a hot country music show to look forward to as the weather cools down! Bucky Covington and his band will headline the Breathitt Heritage Fair there on October 1st. The Fair is happening in Douthitt Park (100 N Point Ave--directions here), and Bucky's set to take the stage at 7 pm local time.

We'll close with a fun tidbit from WGLR's YouTube channel--remember Bucky's slight apprehension about singing the National Anthem before last week's charity softball game? If you'd like to see video of how it all went, please click here. (Thumbs up, indeed!) More soon--have a great evening!

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