Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Bucky Covington concerts this winter (and a little quote about that new label...)

Thanks again to the very kind Misfit42 for these great shots of Bucky Covington and Rocky Covington (scroll down) on stage in Portsmouth, Ohio.

We'll kick things off with a couple of reminders about two upcoming live Bucky Covington shows; he and his rockin' band will perform their last scheduled show of 2011 (as of now, anyway!) at the Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center in Huntingdon, TN on December 17th. This one is part of the venue's ongoing Fun on the Farm Jamboree series, and the whole 2-hour afternoon show will be broadcast live on True Country 100.9 The Farm beginning at 2 pm local time. Tickets are $15 at the Dixie PAC Box Office, by phone at (731) 986-2100 or online at www.DixiePAC.net.

n October 22nd, Bucky and his band are set to perform at the Bluffs and Bayou Music Festival in Vidalia, LA. So far, the most current info we can find on this one comes from the Vidalia Conference and Convention Center site, where this poster has now been added; we'll keep an eye out for more details as the date approaches.

As for Bucky's very much awaited second album--this excellent weekend interview by Angela Henderson of the Huntington Herald-Dispatch is full of fun and information! Among the relevant tidbits, here's a record-label info quote from Bucky himself:

Well, we haven't exactly put out a press release on it yet. It's a great company. It's a great company that’s moved into Nashville. I'm the first country artist they’ve signed. I'm absolutely thrilled. The guy that’s heading it up, Van, is also from North Carolina like myself. So far, I'm also working with a lot of people who were on Lyric Street. Of course, when Lyric Street Records shut down, everybody goes a little somewhere and a lot of the folks have gone over to this company. So I'm looking very much forward to working with some of these folks again.

All I'm gonna say is...we can't wait. More very soon!

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