Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reminder: Bucky Covington interview on WGLR this morning (updated)

Bucky Covington gives a very kind fan an autograph in Iowa; photo by the very generous Janie. Thanks again!

Bucky Covington was interviewed by WGLR's Rob Spangler during the 9am Central hour--check out their Bonus Audio section later for a possible podcast.

Updated with a few highlights from Bucky Covington's interview today:

Bucky says "We've been kinda living in Wisconsin (on tour) this year, and I'm kinda diggin' it!" Jokes about getting a snowmobile and a roommate...

Rob asked Bucky about his last visit to the area, performing at The BARn, and doing sports charity events--bowling last time, a Celebrity Softball game this time. Bucky thanked the station for sponsoring the charity and helping the community, and apologized in advance for getting ready to trounce the station's team...then confessed "I suck at baseball!" Rob Spangler plays "A Different World".

Musically: Rob notes Bucky's been touring "relentlessly"; asks him about Hometown Tour. Bucky talked about the concept behind the tour--playing smaller "hometowns" that don't often get concerts. Press release for new label coming in a few weeks, says he's "very happy" with the new label and hopes to get the ball rolling with new music in "January or so". They sent him an invitation to celebrate his new signing on a 50-foot boat.

Spoke of his admiration for Billy Ray Cyrus and the Cyrus family, and Rob mentioned that Bucky will be singing the NA before the softball game ("I hope I don't screw it up!")

Wrapped up with a reminder about the Iowa County Fair concert on Sunday, and let listeners know it'll be a high energy show ( He joked. "I hope that by the end of the show, everybody's tired and/or drunk. Bring your tennis shoes--we're gonna dance some!")

Thanks to Rob Spangler of WGLR or graciously promoting this interview on Twitter and Facebook, to the BARn for sponsoring, and to Bucky for being so much fun on the radio!

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