Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday news: concert highlights, chartgazing and more

Thanks, Sweettealove! Bucky Covington takes a moment on stage at the State Theatre in State College, Pennsylvania; photo by the very gracious Sweettealove, who enjoyed the show up close and personal. (Thanks, Sweettealove!) Bucky Covington's debut CD is in stores now, and his music video is available for online viewing at and Yahoo Music. You can buy Bucky's album at Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes , WalMart Music and Target, hear the full version of his single "A Different World" at CMT and GAC, or enjoy samples of songs from the CD at Bucky's official MySpace. An autographed copy of Bucky Covington can be ordered while supplies last at his official site or via his official fan club.

Both my computer and I were a bit under the weather yesterday, so Sunday was an extremely early night for me. (NyQuil helped me out--I wish I could give some to this PC!) However, Sunday's nightowls were rewarded with a real treat--Hildi very kindly hosted a conference call from the Bottle and Cork show last night in Dewey Beach, Delaware, and Bucky graciously got on the line to say hi to the listeners. Buckyflowers shared the good news in yesterday's comments: "Wow, Bucky got on the line and talked to us. He has not done that in a long time!" Pop into comments here for more about Bucky's charming words with the fans on the call--and I'll second her huge thanks to Hildi and her helpers for making it all possible. (Thanks again, Buckyflowers--sounds like a blast!)

The lucky fans at Saturday's State College concert had plenty of kudos and memories to share, too. Tracey writes: "Bucky wants people to get their money's worth and you do and more! If you can see Bucky and the band in concert and not be on your feet your self-restraint is more than phenomenal. You leave the show feeling like you know him and love him! Can't wait to see him again!" And another kind concertgoer passed along some funny bits from the State Theatre stage:

When Bucky did the [Mark Miller and Sawyer Brown] story, he said he had to learn 10 Sawyer Brown songs--then he said it was in the contract, really! Then he said "Not really--but don't tell Mark." Before "Hometown" he asked "And how many people do we have here from State College?" and ONE girl screamed. It was hysterical. So he was trying to figure out where people were from, and everyone was shouting something different--so he said "OK, how many of y'all from PA?" and most people screamed. So when he sang "Hometown" he said Pennsylvania instead of a town. Very cute!

If you'd like to be in on the live-show fun (and the incredibly rockin' country music), check Bucky's concert schedule at his official site, and plan for an excellent evening! Bucky, Don, Hans, Shaun and Rocky have a few days off--the next scheduled show takes place at the Indiana State Fair on August 15th, as part of the Free Stage lineup sponsored by WFMS. From the station's site:

Visit the WFMS booth to purchase artist merchandise before and after the show. Stick around after the show and you may have a chance to get an autograph from one of the stars!

JD Cannon will be broadcasting live from the WFMS Super Studio each week day of the fair, so stop by and say "Hi!"

WFMS offers a streaming option--so you might be in for a pleasant surprise that night. Listen in and see!

Speaking of streaming radio--if you haven't made a request for "A Different World" at your favorite streaming stations, there's no time like the present! Bucky's hit single is still a bulletless #6 on the Mediabase weighted chart, but it has regained that bullet and kept the #6 spot on the Top 500. Combine that with the very low negative number on the weighted listings, and what you've got is a single that is poised to get moving in the right direction again--and there's room at the top opening up. We can help! Keep requesting "A Different World" at your favorite local and streaming country stations--and be sure to give Bucky's video a little love at GAC's Top Twenty Country Countdown, and at CMT's Top Twenty Countdown, too.

We'll close for now with a link to this flattering letter-to-the-editor at the Fargo-Moorehead Forum, where a WE Fest concertgoer had some good words to say about Bucky Covington and Sawyer Brown: "Bucky Covington is a new country artist who was on American Idol but was eliminated. Sawyer Brown is promoting his career and Bucky did four numbers with the band and they also brought him out for the encore. What a wonderful thing to do for a deserving young man. Hats off to Sawyer Brown." Also, pop in at Team Covington today for a fantastic photo (and links to lots more) by Kathy. And finally, if you missed CMT Insider this weekend, you've got one last chance to catch the fun segment on Bucky's trip to Idol Camp--the show re-airs today at 11:30 a.m. ET on (you guessed it!) CMT.

More soon--have a great Monday!


  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Uh....thank you Ssweettea and Winnie for that beautiful Bucky shot so early this morning.Whew!! How does he do it? Every new picture is better than the last very best picture I have seen!!

  2. Anonymous7:47 AM

    I must agree with the anon above, that is a great picture that sweettealove shared with us! It was so gratifying to me to open my morning paper and read the very letter to the editor you posted! A fine way to start Monday! I hoe you are feeling better soon! ~moon

  3. Anonymous7:49 AM

    *that would be hope! Someday I will learn to type, before then, maybe I can proofread before posting....~moon

  4. Hi, Moon and Anon--I have to "third" y'all on that thanks to Sweettealove--she is a terrific photographer, and generous, too. :)

    Moon, thank you so much! A little more juice, water and rest and I'll be back in the groove. (And don't worry about the typo--honestly, you should see the first drafts of this blog in the mornings... :)

  5. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Winnie, I saw you are a top friend at Bucky's MySpace! That is a gorgeous picture, darlin'!!! ~moon

  6. Aww, thanks, Moon--you're very kind! (I am painfully shy in RL, unfortunately...but it doesn't show in that photo. :)

  7. dbrosch6:41 PM

    Love ya Winnie! Hope both you and your pc is feeling better today!

  8. Hi, Dbrosch, and you're very sweet...thanks! :) I'm feeling a bit better today--can't speak for the PC, though...fingers crossed!

  9. Hi Winnie -- glad you are feeling better and your column makes us all feel good everyday! I am so sorry I missed the conference call on the other night, I didn't know about it -- musta had my head in the sand. It is always precious to get to hear that special voice talk as well as sing. Have a great day.

  10. Anonymous5:46 AM

    according to Allaccess Bucky's 2nd single "Good to Be Us" will hit radio on Sept 10.

  11. ^ Which happens to be my birthday. Heh. I'm sure he planned it that way because Teabiscuit wuvs me. [/delusional]

  12. Hey, delusion is an enjoyable part of a fully fabulous mental diet--works for me, anyway. :) Thanks, GES, and good to see ya! (Happy upcoming birthday, too...)

    And hi there, Cathy Anne--thanks and I wish you could have been on the Sunday call, too. I didn't know about it, either--for tech reasons, I can't always get into the official site to know about surprise happenings like that call, but I will definitely try to keep an eye out for more of those short-notice events. Hope he'll be on another one for you soon!