Friday, August 03, 2007

Bucky Covington's "A Different World" hits the Top Five!

Bucky Covington's "A Different World" has hit the Top Five on the Mediabase weighted charts as of this morning's listings-- major congratulations to Bucky, Mark Miller, Martin/Nesler/ Hanson, and to all of y'all who've been requesting, voting for, supporting and enjoying Bucky's big hit debut single!

(The sky's the!)

Edited to add: Bucky's latest chart triumph just made the Headlines section at; it's a short piece, but the headline alone--"Bucky Covington's Meteoric Rise"--qualifies it as a "must read". Bucky's also the lead-off topic in this week's "Idol Chartwatch" column at Foxes on Idol. There'll no doubt be more press-style confetti throwing to come--stay tuned!

(Thanks to Dixie, Terri and many gracious anonymous commenters and emailers for sharing the good word--what wonderful news to come home to!--Winnie)


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Okay so Mr. Hot-stuff did it! WOO HOO for big #5!

  2. He's somethin' else, yes?

    (I know I used too many exclamation points but honestly--so happy and relieved and giddy. :)

    Top Five is a big big big deal!

  3. We're moving on up.... Wheewww...

  4. Hi there, Pizzi--good to see you! And yes, we sure are. Awesome day all around. :)

  5. Anonymous2:20 PM

    way to go Bucky! Y'all make sure to catch him whenever he comes around, they are a jam up act to watch!

    I'm not anonymous, I'm Unknown!

  6. Anonymous4:52 PM

    More positive press on Bucky:

  7. mumbler6:25 PM

    Woohoo! Way to go Bucky! We all knew top 5 was's great to see it become a reality!

  8. Anonymous4:17 AM

    Bucky looks pretty solid this morning in the #5 spot. A good jump in spins and Aud imp on both charts.


  9. Thanks, Unknown, Marzy, Anon and Mumbler!

    Unknown, I am very eager to finally get a chance to enjoy the guys live--from everything I have heard about the shows this summer, this is one tight and solid band. Cannot wait until they get here!

    And Mumbler, we are whoohooing right with ya! :)

    Marzy, thank you for the great news--that's going right up top of the Saturday news post...

    Anon, thank you for the Music Row link--added it out front. Very kind of you to share it!