Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bucky Covington to host "Music City Madness" on CMT (with video link)

(Screencap by Sunscreen of the Bucky Truck Stop--thanks! Click image to go to Bucky's video at CMT's Loaded.)

Want to be the next big country star? CMT's Music City Madness competition might be able to give you a helping hand:

The search is on for the next winner of's Music City Madness -- the ultimate competition for unsigned artists and musicians representing the broad range of country music genres. This season, the stakes are even higher as performers from across the country vie for a trip to Nashville to tape their own Unplugged at Studio 330 performance and for their own private showcase with A&R executives from Sony BMG Nashville. This contest could be your big chance for stardom, so find out how to submit your video. But don't wait. The deadline for your submissions is Oct. 15, 2007. Amateur bands, singers, songwriters and producers, send your performance today and get on the road to Music City.

Even if you're not dreaming of the big stage, you'll still enjoy this special event--Bucky's hosting the online talent search at CMT's site, and he'll be the host of the Music City Madness TV special airing later this year. You can catch his first "Behind the Scenes" online video right now at CMT Loaded. Have fun! (Many thanks to Sunscreen.)


  1. Good Morning! Let's see what today brings. Tomorrow is my show yay!!!! Zach is excited.

  2. Good morning Kathy (and awww, Zach! Bet he is so ready for the fun tomorrow... :)

    You know we're all going to be checking Team Covington over and over again this weekend--can't wait for your recap and photos! Have a blast! :D

  3. Anonymous8:31 AM
    This is today!! BF

  4. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Join Lia Thursday Aug. 9th, as she features Bucky Covington in the Artist Spotlight!
    Call 1.800.577.7LIA

  5. Anonymous8:44 AM

    sorry I keep finding more and more..excuse this if you have already posted it elsewhere. BF

  6. Thanks, Buckyflowers and no need to apologize--your info is a blessing! That is going to be a fun show--I've got the general Lia news in today's (unfortunately tech-delayed) post, but will add your links to it right now. Thank you for passing those along!

  7. (Wow...just noticed that the very outdated bio for Bucky is still on the official site, and now it's on Lia's Artists Spotlight page too--does anyone have word on when that'll be updated? That's a little awkward, to say the least...)

  8. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I wrote the BCO day one about the awkwardness of the non-updated bio and the answer I received was that it was not up to them to correct it as the bio was issued by their management team or the label..and could only change it upon the request of one of those.

  9. Thanks, Anon! Here's hoping an updated official bio makes the rounds soon...