Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An all-night Power Picks party...(updated)

Bucky Covington soaks up the sun at a recent outdoor show in Turlock, CA; click here to enjoy a beautiful set of concert photos by the very kind Minnie.

Bucky's video for "A Different World" will face a head-to-head challenge all night on CMT's Power Picks. The vote is going on right now and lasts until showtime at 12 noon ET tomorrow, and the winning video will kick off Thursday's episode. Click here to go directly to the Power Picks main page, hit the "Vote Now" button, keep that voting window open and mouse-click whenever you can, then tune in tomorrow to see who got that coveted spot.

Updated to add a link to this short and sweet GAC story
--if you've got a few videocassettes lying around and nothing to play them on, Bucky feels your pain...

More soon!--Winnie


  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Bucky sales this week....#97 same as last Sales rounded to 7k (my calculations is 7320) total of 255,000.
    downloads of ADW Lw#133 Tw#145 7k downlaods for a total of 153,000

    R&R has Bucky holding at #6. Billboard Top country albums not known yet.


  2. Anonymous4:54 PM

    OOPS forgot %'s
    -4% album sales this week
    -5% single downloads

    He is selling at a steady pace. I hope the launch of IG2BU increases those sales figures. I would LOVE to eventually see GOLD


  3. Hi there, Marzy--you're very kind to share the great info! I really do think gold will happen, and I think the new single will definitely boost the sales this fall and winter. Very encouraging to see how steady his sales have been overall. Thanks!