Thursday, June 14, 2007

Winding down the day...

Would you like to wind down with "A Different World" on your radio? Let your local DJ know--or if you want to go national with your musical desires, Danny Wright All Night and After Midnite are taking wee-hours requests. And if voting's more your speed, click here to vote for "A Different World" as the Country Poll Battle song of the week at More later!--Winnie


  1. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Bucky's bullett is getting bigger.
    (Think mediabase people!!lol) Bucky also moved up and is #13 on both charts. We could see top 10 by Sunday afternoon. *crosses everything* hehe...


  2. Anonymous4:30 AM

    +225 (500 chart)
    +121 (weighted chart)

    great jump!

  3. Anonymous6:09 AM

    *Snort* Hope it's bigger than a bullet. ;)

    Thanks for the update - this is great news.

  4. Crossing everything too lol

  5. Good morning and thanks for the good news (and the clarification ;) Marzy! I am joining the crossed-fingers club...sure sounds like Top Ten is right around the corner...