Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday news: Fresh new photos and more...

First things first--here's a stunning photo gift from Atlanta. Professional photographer Mike Clifton of Local Sports Online was on hand for Bucky Covington's show at Wild Bill's, and his beautiful gallery of shots from the show is an absolute must-see. Huge thanks to Mr. Clifton for sharing!

Bucky's enjoying a few days off, but he'll be back on stage Thursday with Sawyer Brown at the Country USA Music Festival in Oshkosh. However, the charts never rest--and they're looking more volatile than ever. On the Mediabase weighted chart, Bucky's "A Different World" is holding on strong at #14 with a bullet, but with four big hits making the graceful descent from the top of the charts, and two or three superstars zooming up, there's bound to be a whole lotta shakin' going on. One thing's for sure, though--every request matters, y'all. Top Ten is going to take some effort, but it's the sweetest task going. (Not to mention how good it'll feel when we finally get there!) Keep requesting "A Different World" at your favorite local and streaming country stations--that bullet could use a little more juice. (And be sure to hop over to on CMT's Top 20 Countdown and GAC's Top Twenty Country Countdown and give Bucky's video a little love, too.)

Meanwhile, over at Hits Daily Double , the album sales estimates keep on rollin'. With 58% or so of retailers reporting, Bucky Covington is currently well within the Top 50 at #36; however, past experience has shown that the HDD Tuesday news can be quite a rollercoaster ride. Hang on tight--the real story will be told on Thursday, when Billboard's Top Country Albums list makes its appearance online. (My guess is that Bucky's going to enjoy yet another week in or near that chart's Top Ten...stay tuned!)

And finally--one of the best things about slow news days is the chance to catch up on some great summer tour memories you might have missed! Here's a quick roundup of good stuff from recent shows:

Mike Clifton's gorgeous professional photos from Bucky's performance at Wild Bill's
are the freshest shots online (if you haven't already, go check them out now!), and Happydays and Buckyflowers also beautifully captured that same show (and the meet and greet) for posterity. Janie's great Wapello County Fair shots are a sweet, rare glimpse of one of Bucky's appearances with Sawyer Brown--looks like a fun combination!

Happydays also took some lovely photos at Bucky's daytime show at CMA Fest, and BuckWild08 shared some beautiful shots and video from that performance. USA Today's CMA Fest coverage included a performers gallery with a full page portrait of Bucky, along with a fun video clip of the photo shoot. Aaron Crisler of Music City Update was on hand for Bucky's appearance on Good Morning America during the Fest's opening day: click here for a gallery of stunning shots . CMT's photos of Bucky's performances at CMA Fest are a real treat.

Citronella saw Bucky's Philadelphia concert that same weekend, and her great Flickr photoset is here. (WXTU posted a few shots from that 23rd Anniversary show, too.) But wait, there's more! Sunny's big Yahoo photo gallery is full of excellent images from Bucky's show at the Rodeo Club in San Jose, Moondancer's got a lovely Photobucket album of concert and backstage photos from the Whisky Roadhouse in Council Bluffs, Pizzi's Hershey Park photos are a sweet and tasty delight, and Minnie's beautiful sunlit shots from Turlock will have you dreaming of a show in the California sun.

Huge thanks to all for graciously sharing your concert photos and stories--and if there's an album or recap I missed that you'd like linked here, please feel free to write to me at the email address on the sidebar. I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Awesome gallery... Thanks for the link....

  2. Oh lordy those are good pics! Thanks for posting!!! Off to the chair lol

  3. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Great photos. Also Bucky is ahead of his total last week at this point on Hits, about 3,000 ahead. :) Looks like it's going to be a good sales week. Fingers crossed.

  4. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I was there and am still in awe of these shots. WOW.

  5. Anonymous6:49 PM

    what a beautiful collection of photo collections! SO much Bucky, I think I might O. D.

  6. Hello, and sorry I couldn't get in here to say hi yesterday! I agree--those photos are amazing. What a lovely surprise to wake up to yesterday! I am so hoping that Mr. Clifton brings his camera and his excellent eye to Bucky's next Atlanta show in the fall...