Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Top Ten bound, baby...(updated with photos and Lia links)

Nope, it isn't Saturday night--but those weeknight syndicated shows could sure use a little helping of soon-to-be- Top-Ten Bucky Covington goodness, too. Lia, The Big Time with Whitney Allen , Danny Wright All Night and After Midnite all take requests throughout the week, and "A Different World" would be a wonderful way to wind down your Tuesday evening. Call, email, request Bucky and enjoy! And if your local country station doesn't carry these nationally syndicated shows, feel free to ask your friendly neighborhood DJ to play Bucky's single.

Top Ten is so close we can taste it...and it's going to be a lot of fun getting there. It'll also be a blast to hear Lance Smith work that Top Ten fun fact into his intro to "A Different World" on CMT's Top 20 Countdown. (See how sneaky I am? But now that I have your attention, might as well show Bucky some love at GAC's Top Twenty Country Countdown and CMT's Pure 12-Pack, too. I am absolutely shameless, y'all. But we can do this.)

Edited to add--after you've made those requests, why not treat yourself to some beautiful new concert photos? Our friend Happydays was there for Bucky's CMA Fest Daytime Stages show last week, and she's got a lovely Photobucket gallery right here. Thanks for sharing these great shots, Happydays!

Edited again--If you'd like to listen to Lia online tonight, here's a list of stations via Radiotime. (All times Central--be sure to adjust to your time zone.) And there's a fun new poll at About.com now; click here to vote for "A Different World" as the Country Poll Battle song of the week.

More soon!


  1. dbrosch7:13 PM

    I REALLY do love your way of thinking (and writing)... awesome way to blend the video countdown links into your post! :)

    I called my lovely Lia and will hit Blair and aftermidnite in a few hours before bed. Here is hoping we can toast to that lovely top 10 within the next couple of weeks! :)

  2. Dbrosch, thanks! You are kind. :)

    I am so blatant these days--but it would just be amazingly sweet to see "A Different World" make it to the Top Ten. That toast is going to be sensational!