Friday, June 08, 2007

New photos at Music City Update, and a happy recap...(updated)

Bucky Covington and Good Morning America's Sam Champion, 6/7, photo by Aaron Crisler/ Music City  Thanks! Aaron Crisler of Music City Update was on hand for Bucky Covington's guest appearance on yesterday's Good Morning America show, along with many other CMA Fest happenings-- click here for a gallery of beautiful shots you'll love. Bucky, labelmate Trent Tomlinson, the Wreckers, Ronnie McDowell, a radiant Reba and quite a few delighted fans (are you among them?) are captured in this sweet slice of Nashville eye candy. Enjoy! (Photo by Aaron Crisler/Gospel Music

Also from Nashville, our friend Happydays shares her CMA Fest experience in a great recap at Bucky's official forums (registration required) today. Here's an excerpt:

I got several photos and got to stand front-center until the guards finally made me move after his second song. He sang "Its Good to Be Us", "Hometown", "A Different World", and "Keep Your Hands to Yourself". My earlier fears were dispelled as he got a huge reception from the crowd. Sue stayed in our seats and she said there were more people down in front taking photos of him than for any other artist that afternoon and I noticed there was more press.

Bucky was adorable in his Piggly-Wiggly T-shirt. He changed the last verse of "Hometown" to Nashville which only got moderate cheers so he asked the crowd after that song how many people in the audience were from Nashville...very slight yell. Then he asked how many from places other than Nashville to which huge yells. He joked and said "Maybe I should not have changed Hometown to Nashville...I should have said, "I hope heaven is a lot like Florida, Canada Texas or whatever." Then he thanked the fans for making "A Different World" #15 and his video #1. Everyone was singing along! Each artist only got 4 songs and Bucky went over to Ducky and Rocky and whispered something then reported to the crowd that they were doing a last minute song switch and the band and Bucky really, really jammed out on "Keep Your Hands to Yourself". Everyone was on their feet and he really was loved by all.

Alas, he was done. Too short for my liking but fan-Bucky-tastic for sure.

Thanks, Happydays--sounds like a fantastic time!

(Edited to point you to the Bucky Truck Stop at Rawkhands, where Sunscreen has done some beautiful updating today. Go have a look now...)

Stay tuned for new memories, photos and fun from CMA Fest as the weekend rolls on!--Winnie


  1. Wow! Thanks for sending me to Rawkhands for those gorgeous shots! :)~

    Thank you thank you thank you! lol

  2. The pleasure's all mine! :) (And kudos to Sunscreen--she does a beautiful job of gathering great images...)