Monday, June 11, 2007

Bucky Covington ticket alert (and new fan photos and video, too...)

Tickets for Bucky's recently announced August 11th concert at the State Theatre in State College, PA have just gone on sale this morning, and you can snag one here; the venue is a beautiful, intimate 600-seater, so a memorable night of music is guaranteed. Good luck, and I hope you grab an excellent seat!

And the very kind BuckWild08 has just posted her fun photos (log into MySpace to view) and front-row-view videos from Bucky's CMA Fest Daytime Stages show at You Tube--click here to enjoy all her great clips. Finally, "Piggly Wiggly Shirt Fan Club" members will want to catch Kathy's photo of the day at Team Covington. I'm off to make some lunchtime requests (not so subliminal message there, was it?) before heading out for the day--see you in a few hours!--Winnie


  1. For some reason I ffel the need to go do more requests lol Piggly Wiggly fans lol who knew lol

  2. dbrosch11:00 AM

    Love the subliminal message Winnie! It worked! :)

    I even called my froggy 95 to tell her about the State College tickets going on sale.. she had just played ADW at 11:30 so couldn't request it.. but I could sure call up and talk about him and my FRONT ROW SEATS for the concert.. lol :) :)

  3. Anonymous3:26 PM

    HDD..58% reported

    #11 for country.


  4. Anonymous6:02 PM

    According to an article at Earth Times, Borders was on hand with booths selling CDs at the CMA festival. Bucky was one of the best sellers. There were around 10 artists listed in best sellers list. YEA!

  5. Kathy and dbrosch, I'm glad my subliminal suggestions worked so well. ;) Congratulations on those great front row seats--nice! Can't wait to see those photos. :)

    Marzy, thanks for the HDD update--I guess the Big&Rich factor is going to shake up the country album chart this week, but it would be sweet to see Bucky return to the Top 50 on the all-genre chart! Fingers crossed...

    And hi, Anon--very cool that he was among the best sellers at the Borders booth! CMA Fest was a great way for a lot of new listeners to get a taste of what we're been enjoying all these months--good to know he made a fantastic impression. Thanks for the news!