Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bucky Covington: on the road, on the charts...

Here's looking at you, sweetie! Bucky Covington flirts with the camera during a USA Today photo shoot; click here to see the paper's beautiful gallery of portraits of the artists at this year's CMA Fest.

This sweet tidbit just landed in our mailbox via a kind anonymous author: "Tomorrow at 9 a.m. on WIVK Knoxville there will be an major concert announcement that Bucky Fans might want to listen to. It should stream live on their station..." She goes on to mention that Kellie Pickler fans should turn their radios on, too. Sounds like fun! We'll post the big news here tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, there was a question in comments by another kind anonymous writer, who wondered if "A Different World" was still a priority with the powers that be at Bucky's label. This gorgeous ad released to radio trade publications this week answers that question with a resounding yes! Don't feel bad if the research info makes your eyes glaze over--just focus on that bold white print. Lyric Street is "powering up for Top 10 airplay"--and so are we. (Click the image to view it at full size.)

(P.S.--CMT's Power Picks is underway at post time, if you'd like to join in the fun. Edited at 12:20: It sure pays to be prepared. Bucky just won, with 54% of the mouse clicks. Nice going, everyone! More soon--Winnie)


  1. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Mmmmmm, I love the clean fresh scent of a Power Picks win in the afternoon. Thanks for the heads up, doll! :-)

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    CMT Power Picks producers are brats for putting Bucky up against the woman who wrote "A Different World" hahaha In a way she was competing against herself.

  3. LOL--thanks and my pleasure, Anon! :)

  4. True, Anon 9:35--she is a very talented lady and we sure have a lot to thank her for! However, her pocketbook might have liked the matchup--as the songwriter for both choices, I am pretty sure she'd benefit today no matter who won.

  5. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Bucky gained a spin on the weighted Mediabase chart (the one to watch). He's still in the negative numbers but at -6 now. Normally if they are in free fall, it goes fast. Maybe the slide is reversible. Looks like Jason Aldean also gained a spin here or there.

  6. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Ken Barnes has the sales numbers up. Bucky came in at #63..11,000 only a 2% decrease from the week before. 8week total 164,000
    I think Ken rounded the #'s, so we don't know exact total.

  7. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Hey, Keith Urban is - 18 so Bucky should not feel too badly. Request, get you local friends to help! We can reverse back to a plus!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anons, thanks for the chart news! Looks like Bucky had a solid week when all is said and done--and I totally agree about that reversible direction for the bullet. Off to put in a few evening requests myself... :D