Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A shopper's question...(updated)

So, you're curious about Bucky Covington's CD--you've heard it on, or enjoyed it blasting from a buddy's speakers, and you'd like to have one for your very own. And snagging one is as simple as a trip to your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart, Target or Best Buy--or is it?

If you're having problems finding Bucky's album on your store shelves, I'd like to hear from you. Please leave a note in comments and let me know where you're trying to buy the CD (store name and location), and we'll all compare notes. And in the meantime, if the racks are empty in your neck of the woods, there's always the legal download option; try Wal-Mart's "by the song" online shop (88 cents a pop), or the trusty iTunes. Or visit Bucky's official site and get it straight from the source.

Happy shopping!

(Edited to add: Looks like we might get some help on this! Our helper needs to know exactly which stores need the CD, though--Circuit City, Best Buy and WalMart all show store numbers when you use their store locator searches, so if your local store's out of the CD and you'd like to get it restocked, leave a comment with the store number and/or your zip code, and we'll pass your request along. Thanks! --Winnie)


  1. Anonymous8:14 PM

    It looks like Bucky dropped out of the Top 10 for country. Sugarland and Josh Turner both chart higher. Bucky should be in 12th this week. And Idol is over..So no more promotion for other artists. Now If Lyric Street would make Buying Buckys album a little easier. Bucky will be back in the TOP 10 in no time. And back in the TOP 50 as well...

  2. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I am absolutely overjoyed for Bucky. However I cannot find his CD here in Smyrna,South Carolina,please send more out to the Walmarts.
    I was born and raised in NC. one county over from Rockingham. In fact Bucky went to school with my daughter before he moved to Rockingham,,we are so excited and happy for a fellow native...

  3. Hello, Anon and Anon! :)

    Anon 8:14, I'd be willing to bet that Bucky's CD will bounce right back into the Top 10 on the Top Country Albums chart and the Top 50 too--especially after the GMA appearance from CMA Fest in a couple of weeks. And I hope he'll be part of the ABC primetime special from the CMA Fest, too! :)

    Linda, thanks for letting us know you couldn't find the CD in Smyrna. I am guessing your WalMart store is the one in York (#1144)--fingers crossed they'll be restocked very soon!

  4. I will check around today when I am out at Walmart and Circuit city and get back to ya!

  5. buckyflowers6:38 AM

    Bucky up one to #18 on R&R chart.

  6. Good morning and thanks for the good news, Buckyflowers! Love to see Bucky's single moving in the right direction this week at R&R. :)

    And Kathy--hi and thanks! Me too. Really hoping that all the stock issues work out and that everyone who wants to buy the CD, can.

  7. Both Walmarts here have them and I will check Circuit City and FYE when they open today. I forgot K-Mart. I will call them too.