Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday update: Bucky meets Melinda, the WYCD Hoedown and more...

Photo by Aaron Crisler/Music City you!Photo by Aaron Crisler/Music City

Edited to add a link to Music City Update, where a fresh new gallery featuring Melinda Doolittle and Bucky Covington has been posted. Aaron Crisler was there for the Tennessee Mornings show, and his images are amazing, as always. Music City Update also covered Melinda's Belmont University and Born Again Church stops, so Melinda and Bucky's many mutual fans will have double the pleasure today. (They look like they had a lot of fun meeting each other--wonder if we'll get to wave hello to Melinda at one of Bucky's Nashville shows someday?) A huge thanks to Mr. Crisler and company for sharing--stop in now!

Here's a short and sweet update from Marzy about this week's video countdown results:

CMT 12PK...#1
GAC TOP 20...#5
CMT TOP 20...#4

Congratulations to Bucky, thanks to Marzy for the good news, and thanks so much for voting, everyone! Here are the handy links for next week's countdowns: hop over to the CMT Pure 12-Pack and GAC Top Twenty ballots and have your say...

As expected, superstar Keith Urban pole-vaulted into the Top Twenty with his new single this week, and Bucky's #20 on the Mediabase weighted and Top 500 charts this morning. The good news is that there's still a strong bullet for "A Different World", and there's lots of motion at the top of the chart, as older hits make way for newer songs. Keep requesting Bucky at your local country station, and remember those great Saturday night nationally syndicated shows, too! (We'll have links to the larger ones here later this evening.)

In road news, here's a show that doesn't seem to be posted on the tour page at Bucky's site, although it's been on the station's event calendar for a while now; Bucky is listed as one of the performers at the annual WYCD Downtown Hoedown in Detroit, which happens next weekend, May 18-20th. Bucky is slated to sing at the Greektown Casino Main Stages in Hart Plaza on Saturday at 2:05; best of all, this is an absolutely free event! If you're in or around the Detroit area, head on out to the Hoedown and give Bucky some love. (And if you'd like to make a free event even better, listen to WYCD all weekend long; they'll be giving away Hoedown perks and gifts to some lucky listeners. There's also a contest page on the site--find out how you can win meet and greets, backstage passes, a VIP spot and more!)

Bucky's in Seattle this weekend for two shows with Neal McCoy--to keep up with Bucky, Rocky and the whole gang, check out the tour page at Bucky Covington. com.

More very soon--have a great Saturday!


  1. Coming to see which pic you used so we didn't double up lol

  2. Hee! I pop into your place every morning and check your photo du jour out, too. :) Thank heaven there are so many today--lots to choose from!

  3. Hi Winnie,
    Im going to the Seattle show tonight! My friend
    Helen and I got the 'vip' tickets , hoping for
    better seats, but it also comes with a
    bar-b-que dinner before the show! I'm hoping
    I'll get to meet Bucky (and Rocky) and take some good pics!
    I will check in tomorrow to let you know.
    Have a good day!

  4. Hey there thanks for the kind words - you guys are awesome!

  5. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Oh Mr. Crisler thank you for all the fabulous Bucky shots! I put a bunch of your beautiful photographs on The Truck Stop too! Lovely snapping there man! :D Thanks bunches! --Sunscreen

  6. What's the TRUCK STOP??? Inform me please....

  7. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Here ya is the link to Bucky's Truck Stop:

    This link takes you into page 84 but some of your fine work is on before and after that page. :D

    A beautiful subject and beautiful photographs! :) Thanks again!

  8. Hey, everyone...

    Chan, I am so excited for you! Can't wait to hear all about the show and your VIP experiences. Hope the BBQ is a blast and hope you get to say hi to Bucky and Rocky, too! Neal McCoy is a really fun performer as well, so it should be a fabulous show.

    Mr. Crisler, thank you for dropping in--you're awesome too! Your photos are amazing, and I really enjoy popping into to see what's new in Nashville. Kudos to you!

    Sunscreen, hi there and wow--the Truck Stop is lookin' good... :)

  9. Hey TRUCK STOP - Great that you used the photos!!! However, PLEASE be sure to credit them as Photos by Aaron Crisler/

    Aaron Crisler

  10. Anonymous6:01 PM

    I did always put where they are from...did you find one where I did not? But I will change them so it has that exact paste. :)

  11. buckwild086:43 PM

    I LOVE YA'LL!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Even me? :O

  13. THANKS SunScreen!! You rock! All ya'll rock - seriously...Thanks for the support of the site - we love our jobs!!!