Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday news: Top fifteen, a serene little scene and more...

Love this shot...thanks, Mr. Crisler!Bucky Covington enjoys a blissful moment on stage May 10th at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville; visit Music City Update for a beautiful gallery of concert photos by Aaron Crisler. Bucky Covington's debut CD is in stores now, and his music video is available for online viewing at and Yahoo Music. You can buy Bucky's album at Amazon, Best Buy , iTunes and Target, hear the full version of his single "A Different World" at CMT and GAC, or enjoy samples of songs from the CD at Bucky's official MySpace. An autographed copy of Bucky Covington can be ordered while supplies last at his official site or via his official fan club. Photo by Aaron Crisler/ Music City

First things first--Bucky's single, A Different World", moved up a notch to #15 on the Mediabase weighted chart while we were sleeping! A big ol' high-five to Bucky and to all of us--keep requesting, y'all!

And if you're watching the album charts, Hits Daily Double starts updating their sales estimates at approximately (very approximately!) 7:30 a.m. Pacific, with the final estimates posted Tuesday afternoon. Bucky finished out last week at #9 on Billboard's Top Country Albums (completing a solid month in the Top 10 on that chart--a month which began with a #1 debut) and #44 on the all-genre Top 200. Stay tuned as the suspense builds...

Not much suspense on the live-music front at the moment; Bucky's official tour schedule has his next live appearance happening on the 25th, when he, Rocky and company will hit the Sunshine State to play a free show at Renegades in West Palm Beach sponsored by WIRK. (The station's page only has a blurb about the show, which starts at 10 p.m. Friday night--as soon as they have more info, we'll pass it along here, too...)

Things are also fairly quiet on the TV scene today--Bucky's fun "man on the strip" coverage from the ACM Awards for CMT Insider has its final airing at 1 p.m. ET, but the video voting goes on. Feel free to give Bucky a boost on the CMT Pure 12-Pack and GAC Top Twenty ballots, and be sure to watch the countdowns later on this week--he's in the Top 3 on all of them! (A little bonus TV heads-up comes to us via this funny blog post by an overworked GAC audio expert--Bucky was interviewed by the channel at Saturday's Downtown Hoedown in Detroit. No word yet on which show will air the footage, but it's certainly something to look forward to!)

And another heads-up on the radio scene comes to us from our friend Dixie, who is both a Bucky Covington fan and an After Midnite fan--she says she'd love to hear "A Different World" as song of the day there. Sounds like a nice treat for the wee hours! You can find contact info on the After Midnite site--let them know that the late night crew loves Bucky, too...

Finally, a tip of the hat to Aaron Crisler and of us who had the honor of being on hand for Bucky's first Grand Ole Opry performance in March also got a chance to enjoy the legendary Porter Wagoner that night. Dolly Parton, Marty Stuart, Patty Loveless and many others were on hand May 19th to celebrate Mr. Wagoner's 50th anniversary at the Opry, and you can enjoy Mr. Crisler's beautiful photos here. (It's fun to know that Bucky Covington is part of the great history of the Grand Ole Opry now...and who knows what we might be celebrating fifty years from today?)

More later--see you soon!


  1. buckyflowers6:38 AM

    I am so excited about #15 on weighted mediabase. I have asked this before but still cannot remember the difference between the two mediabases. Could you explain quickly for me. Is one more important than the other? If so, this morning I am going with the weighted

  2. Weighted is more important :)

  3. Anonymous6:56 AM

    The weighted one is more important. It does not included sat. radio and others. Additionally, it takes into account how big an audience a song is reaching and other factors not just total spin count.

  4. buckyflowers10:26 AM

    I got my Country Weekly in the mail today . There is an article with picture about Bucky's Big Debut on page 18.

  5. Hey, Anon and Debbie...thanks for the Mediabase details. :) And Buckyflowers thanks! Loved that Country Weekly piece and photo--great shot of Bucky. It's good to see all the coverage he's been getting lately. :)