Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday news: Power Picks, Daily Buzz, Florida sun, Cali dreamin' and more...

Thanks, Mr. Crisler!Bucky Covington on stage May 10th at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville; visit Music City Update for a beautiful gallery of concert photos by Aaron Crisler. Bucky Covington's debut CD is in stores now, and his music video is available for online viewing at and Yahoo Music. You can buy Bucky's album at Amazon, Best Buy , iTunes and Target, hear the full version of his single "A Different World" at CMT and GAC, or enjoy samples of songs from the CD at Bucky's official MySpace. An autographed copy of Bucky Covington can be ordered while supplies last at his official site or via his official fan club. Photo by Aaron Crisler/ Music City

Bucky's video for "A Different World" will face a head-to-head challenge today on CMT's Power Picks, which begins at 12 noon ET;
click here to go directly to the Power Picks main page. Bucky's matchup will happen near the beginning of the show, so at noon, hit the "Vote Now" button, keep that voting window open and get ready to mouse-click away! Results in comments later today... (Updated--hey, why not post the good news out front? "A Different World" won the matchup this afternoon, with 68% of the vote--kudos and thanks to everyone who gave Bucky a boost today!)

(Edited to add a link to Bucky's MySpace blog, where this week's question from Bucky to you has just been posted. If you're on his friends list, reply to his new blog post with your answer to be entered in a drawing for an autographed 8X10. And if you're not on his MySpace friends list, add him today! It's a fantastic way to keep up with Bucky's latest news via bulletins, blogs and more...)

Bucky's turn on The Daily Buzz is happening as I type--his funny interview was preceded by lots of snippets from the CD (and at at least one Daily Buzz camerawoman was caught grooving to "Bible and the Belt") Unfortunately, our local station only carried the first part of the show, so Bucky's actual performance is a mystery to me at this hour. If you're in the same boat, there's good news for us both; The Daily Buzz archives their musical performances at YouTube, so there's a good chance we'll be able to at least see a tiny online version of what we missed.

For those in Florida tonight, there's a don't-miss live performance in the works! Bucky, Rocky and the band hit Renegades in West Palm Beach this evening at 10:00 p.m. for a show sponsored by WIRK. After that, they'll head to California for a series of shows along the West Coast; check Bucky's official tour schedule to find out when he'll be appearing near you. Bucky's visit West is accompanied by a bit of nice press--here's a profile from today's Ontario, CA Daily Bulletin in which Bucky speaks of the joys of playing live--and the freedom of getting to do the songs he wants to sing...

Chartwise, things are looking pretty steady today--"A Different World" is sitting pretty at #16 on both the Top 500 and weighted Friday a.m. Mediabase charts. Keep requesting "A Different World" at your favorite local and streaming country stations, and feel free to show Bucky a little love on the CMT Pure 12-Pack and GAC Top Twenty ballots, too. (His video took the #2 spot on CMT's Top 20 Countdown this week--congratulations, Bucky!)

We'll close with a couple of TV teasers--GAC's Top Twenty Country Countdown (9 p.m. ET tonight) is very likely to have some footage from last week's WYCD Downtown Hoedown throughout tonight's show, and a Bucky Covington interview was definitely part of their coverage. And a note in comments hinted that Bucky and Mark Miller would be a part of this week's CMT Insider; so far, there's nothing on Bucky's "on CMT" page, but tuning in might not be a bad idea, just in case.

More later today!


  1. Thanks for the you tube tip! My power went out and came back on for the last 5 minutes lol

  2. BunnyinAtlanta6:29 AM

    I got to see "A DIfferent WOrld" and "Its Good To Be Us" at the tail end of the show. Rocky was precious also and up front with his little box. Both looked so great!

  3. of course I couldn't find the channel...blahhh.
    Lucky Ladies got to see Bucky on a Friday morning, not a bad way to start off a holiday weekend.. Enjoy

  4. Hi Kathy, Bunny and Pizzi! Oh man, Kathy--how frustrating is that? I am really glad there's a YouTube option, though--gonna sva e a lot of people's day, I think! :)

    Bunny, how cool that both Bucky and Rocky got some excellent screen time! Wish I could have seen this they sounded great.

    And Pizzi, I think you and I both have a date at YouTube later today! Don't know when they'll have it posted, but I'm looking forward to seeing what we both missed today. Should be fun. Hang in there!

  5. Winnie - my stock answer. "I'm Blocked." They updated they're blocks a few weeks ago, now we're blocked out of you tube and myspace.

  6. Anonymous9:12 AM

    BUcky won power picks today! YIPPEE!E!

  7. Good news! I think "A Different World" got 68% of the vote, too--a nice margin. Happy dance! :)

  8. Pizzi, just saw your note--we are going to have to get you a home PC so you can at least check these links out after work! I hope ypu'll have a chance to check them out eventually.

    (And just for the record--the other Power Picks video today was Rodney Atkins' "If You're Going through Hell".)

  9. Anonymous9:44 AM

    On All Access they have a "Hotpick" Its the picks from the radio stations. Bucky is now in the TOP 5 most picked.He comes in 4th after Emerson Drive, Keith Urban, Billy Currington

  10. Winnie - I hope I can too. I'm still working on getting a pc. But you these kids will suck me dry... Summer Day Camp is costing an arm and leg, which I have to have paid up before they even start. Ouch....

  11. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Bucky's performance of "ITs Good To Be Us" is up on the daily buzz site....Goto "Todays Fastcast"

    Poor Bucky looks tired. But he still sounded awesome


  12. Anonymous10:28 AM

    YES is up and running again...

  13. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Nice shot again today! Did you all notice that Bucky has the cutest nose on the planet? :)

  14. anonymous - though I didn't see the clip. I agree, he totally has the cutest nose, it's perfect. haha. We're crazy.. Enjoy

  15. Anon--thanks for the All Access news! "A Different World" is definitely picking up some nice steam as it heads to the top...

    Pizzi, I know what you mean about finances and PCs--believe me, I can relate. Hopefully there will e a way for you to snag a good PC at a discount, even with Summer Camp costing about the same as college these days.

    Marzy, thanks for the heads-up on the Daily Buzz clip! Sounds like fun. (And it looks like Bucky is winning "by a nose" here in comments today... ;)

  16. Anonymous12:00 PM

    "And it looks like Bucky is winning 'by a nose' here in comments today"

    GROAN! ;)

    Oh my Winnie is naturally a funny punny woman (or else she has too much wine with lunch today)...hahaha. Which is it?

  17. I wish I could blame my corny humor on some fine wine! ;)

  18. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Perhaps some merlot suggested by you know who? hahaha

  19. Anonymous3:26 PM

    OMG!!! American Friday Night just came up on YES. WOOT!!

  20. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Its as if ADW may keep on climbing up through midsummer so I am fine with AFN being next single. I had it blasting today and the guy next to me was laughing at me at the red light. LOL he gave me thumbs up!

  21. Whoa! Really? AFN on YES...I am stunned! (And also giggling at the thumbs up...)

    You are so right about "A Different World's" continuing climb. Should be a very interesting midsummer on the radio--thanks for the news! (Thanks for the merlot, as well... :)

  22. I LOVE BUCKY COVINGTON. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I found this blog and I was like, whats this and then my heart dropped to my feet. To my chuckless toes. LOL.

  23. Hey there, Nina! Welcome and I'm so glad you stopped by--hope you (and your Chuckless toes) will be back often. I think it's pretty safe to say that a lot of us here feel the same way you do about Bucky Covington...