Friday, May 25, 2007

Just in: Hot news from CMA Fest...

Looks like Bucky's got an additional performance during CMA Fest in Nashville early next month--not only will he be at the Daytime Stages on June 7th, he's just been added to the Nightly Concerts at LP Field, too! From today's press release:

Jason Michael Carroll, Bucky Covington, and "Nashville Star" winner Angela Hacker have been added to the concerts. Each will perform a two-song acoustic set: Carroll on Thursday, June 7, Covington on Friday, June 8, Hacker on Saturday, June 9. Artists and schedule subject to change.

More details on this as they become available, but for now, it looks like CMA Fest-goers are in for double the fun. Huge congratulations to Bucky! More later--Winnie


  1. Anonymous6:04 PM

    CMT Top 20...#2
    GAC Top 20...#4
    CMT 12PK.....#1

    Another great countdown week!!


  2. Anonymous6:41 PM

    On GAC did they have any footage of the Hoedown?

  3. Marzy, thanks--wow! Bucky's video is definitely burning up the charts... :)

    Anon, I hope someone can answer your question soon! (I don't get GAC--wish I did.)

  4. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Deb said that Bucky asked if his fans knew about GAC because they need to vote and get him up to #1.

  5. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Wow...that Bucky is pretty demanding! hahaha ;)

  6. Anonymous8:45 PM

    And just pretty too! :D haha

  7. Well, I think all of us around these parts know about GAC! :) And I'm "pretty" sure he'll get his wish, there. (Y'all do click those voting links out front every day, right? ;) I think #1's very doable...maybe a triple crown next week?

  8. dbrosch9:34 PM

    I missed the very first part about what he said.. was way over multi-tasking tonight, but when I unhit the mute button I caught him talking...

    Right before they played ADW on GAC Top 20 countdown Bucky came on saying here is ADW at number 4.. y'all must not know about cause the video needs to be number 1! Then he did his adorable laugh.. it was so cute!

    Will catch the repeat tomorrow and see what I missed before I hit the unmute.

  9. Anonymous9:37 PM

    I will clip the segment...look for it you know where later. :D -ss