Saturday, May 26, 2007

Conference call in progress...

Bucky's performance tonight in Zellwood, FL is being covered by a conference call, now in progress:

(Updated--it's over, but check back for future conference calls all summer long.)

Press 6 to mute yourself and reduce background noise. Standard long distance charges apply. (If you have free nights and weekends, you're all set. ) Enjoy the show!

(Edited to wave hi to the kind fans at Bucky's official boards--as you might have guessed, Bucky's board is one of the many sites that crashes my vintage PC. It was fun saying hello over there, if only for a moment!--Winnie)


  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Got this info from the AI boards....Bucky is #13 on Walmarts best sellers list. You can go to and see the top 100 list...
    Im impressed...WOW..Go Bucky Go!!!!

    I feel like a proud parent when it comes to Bucky's success. I knew he had something special on AI. But he has surpassed even my expectations.

    Has anyone ever read the answers to the questions he has asked on his myspace? Alot of them are very heart warming. And also reading the ones that never knew him from idol.
    Bucky makes every fan feel like they are his only fan. What a heart.

    Sorry for my ramblings... It's Bucky's fault...

  2. Hey, rambling is encouraged here--I do it all the time. :)

    Great news at Walmart! That really does say it all. It's incredible to see how well he's doing--and how "A Different World" and the whole album--and Bucky himself--have struck such a chord with people, whether they heard him on Idol or not.

    The MySpace questions and answers are something else. It's funny how our experiences with and around music can be so different, and yet the music itself brings people together so beautifully.

    And I say this so often, but it's true--this is only the beginning. Imagine what the future holds for Bucky and for us! It's going to be a fun ride, that's for sure...

    (Now I'm rambling! :) Thanks for stopping in, Anon--have a great night!)