Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bucky's Number One at KGRT

A kind reader in New Mexico wrote to share this good news--Bucky's Covington's "A Different World" is now #1 on the KGRT Top 10! (Go to the "Country Music" link to see the full chart.) Congratulations to Bucky, and a huge thanks to his fans out there in beautiful Las Cruces. More news later today--Winnie


  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Is there still a conf call tonite?? If so could you post the number Winnie, Thanx so much. Oh what time would it start??


  2. buckyflowers3:30 PM Great review of Bucky but the best is the line, "Best hair in country music"..Yes, the blogger is a lady.

  3. Hi Marzy and Buckyflowers!

    Marzy, I literally just walked in the door, but I will see what I can find out for you! :) And Buckyflowers, thanks! I bet you and I both agree with her on the hair.. ;)